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13 Sketches for Piano


I am always eager to compose new works for any

genre! Recent commissions include a solo piece for organ for First Presbyterian Church in Kilgore, a piece for saxophone and piano for saxophonist Wyatt Grose, and a piece for string orchestra for the Kilgore High School orchestra.

Pricing commissions is challenging due to many variables: density of the ensemble, length, distance from deadline, and the state of my current business are all contributing factors. Since composing is not my only line of work, I aim to be as fair as possible with pricing. Below are estimates for potential commissions. Please note that these prices are not fixed, and you will need to contact me for an exact quote.

A solo or duet piece, 1-3 minutes: $50 A solo or duet piece, 4-7 minutes: $75 A solo or duet piece, 8 or more minutes: $100 Small ensemble (3-6 players), 1-3 minutes: $75 Small ensemble, 4-7 minutes: $100 Small ensemble, 8 or more minutes: $125 Large ensemble (easy): $125 Large ensemble (intermediate): $150 Large ensemble (difficult): $175


I have many years of experience arranging and transcribing music! Past arranging commissions include a set of Christmas arrangements for Jonathan Oliver in Waco, TX and transcriptions of brass and string parts for Jax Rounsavall at New Beginnings Baptist Church in Longview, TX. Currently, I serve as a copyist for composer Edward Green. Whether it is a new instrumentation for a piece or making pretty sheet music for your manuscripts, I am eager to serve! Contact me for quotes.


Jace Mankins
Photo by Anna Yatskevich, Manhattan School of Music
Ades Performance Hall
Sheet Music


I have experience teaching and assisting on a variety of music theory and aural skills courses. Additionally, my graduate school training has emphasized a well-rounded approach to most theory and history topics in music. I have several years of college teaching experience as well as tutoring for music theory and aural skills.

For an individual, I charge $25 an hour, or for a group I charge around $50 collectively. Price may vary depending on the size of the group.


Performance and
Private Lessons

As a pianist, cellist, and organist, I have many years of performance experience in a variety of styles and venues. Additionally, I have around 5 years of teaching experience on the piano. Piano lessons are $25 for 30 minutes or $35 for 45 minutes. Performance costs vary depending on the number of rehearsals and travel expenses on my part.


Jace Mankins
Photo by Anna Yatskevich, Manhattan School of Music
Ades Performance Hall
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