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This page consists of select scholarly writings I've written during my time in graduate school. Please enjoy!

An Approach to the Incorporation of Hip-hop in the Music Theory Curriculum (2023)

This essay was part of my requirements to earn a DMA at TCU. It showcases possible approaches to using non-Western/classical music in the context of a music theory or music literacy course either for high schoolers or college students.

Stylistic Tendencies within the Anthems of Leo Sowerby (2023)

This essay aims to distinguish melodic, rhythmic, and harmonic trends across Leo Sowerby's body of work by investigating seven of his anthems that span his career.

The Rape of Lucretia and Albert Herring: An Exploration of Britten's Treatment of Dramatic Function Through Antagonists (2022)

This paper compares and contrasts Benjamin Britten's first two chamber operas, The Rape of Lucretia (1946) and Albert Herring (1947). Both works contain protagonists that react to the villians of each respective work while tackling the complexities of societal norms and honor systems.

Parsifal as a Palinode to Tristan und Isolde (2021)

This paper investigates the philosophical nature of Wagner's Parsifal (1882) and its redaction to the ideas presented in Tristan und Isolde (1859).

Rameau and Rousseau, A Conflict of Ideals (2018)

My first major essay (please be nice, I'll cry) written during my undergraduate studies. It tackles the philosophies of Rameau and Rousseau and their disagreements on harmony, temperament, and interpretations on how music should be composed. The paper highlights a notable contradiction between each theorists' ideals versus their practical outcomes.

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